A Salon is not Just for Hairstyles but A Place of Transformation.


We Give Training

Start your own Salon

Set up your salon where you create transformational Afro hair design for your customers.

  • Understand the importance and application of a good customer service.
  • Discover the equipment, tools and resources you need and how you can obtain these at affordable prices.
  • Learn the recruitment process for your hair stylist, the training required and how you create sustainable income in your salon.
  • Design and transform the Afro Way!

You need to

Turn insight into action

I believe every woman wants and desires to look good. It is a confidence booster that is reflected in other areas of a woman’s life. Our job as the hairstylists is to create that transformation and bring happiness to our clients. Your salon is the place where this transformation occurs, hence a unique long-lasting experience has to be created so your client feels comfortable and enjoy every moment. This is what this program will give you, a ‘NEW WAY’ of setting up a salon, as a place of transformation not just for hairstyles.

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